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Chattering with Chris McInroy

Graphic for Chattering with Chris McInroy

Chattering with Chris McInroy


Please join me when I chat with Chris McInroy, about his latest short film, the award winning WE SUMMONED A DEMON and his Hidden Horrors; THE GATE (1981) and FREAKED (1993).

You can watch and post questions on YouTube

"Hi, I'm Chris. I write and direct things. Mostly horror and comedy related. I made Bad Guy #2, Death Metal and We Summoned A Demon. Maybe you've heard of them. They've played in film festivals and have won awards. Right now I’m prepping my short film segment for the horror anthology, Scare Package. I'm hoping my next project will be my first feature film, a horror-comedy with werewolves. I love werewolves. I also love dipping chips in dips."

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