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Chattering with James Azrael

Graphic for Chattering with James Azrael

Chattering with James Azrael


I chatted with James Azrael, founder of The Horror & SciFi Prop Preservation Association, about some of items in his extensive collection and the Kickstarter for the second book featuring exhibits and the stories behind them.


Facebook Page:


James talked about the founding of the HSPPA, the importance of the volunteers who attend conventions with him, and four items from the collection:

- Alien queens legs from 'Aliens vs Predator'

- The knife used during the title sequence in Punisher: War Zone

- The title character mask from Spawn

- The Missionary costume from Silent Hill 2: Revelations;

the importance of preserving props; the process of authenticating them and much more. The video also features one of his 5 parrots, Cappy.


The Night Whispered, including bonus features, can be purchased at

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