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Chattering with Johnny Mains

Graphic for Johnny Mains. Centre is photo of Johnny Mains, a bearded man in a fedora hat.

Chattering with Johnny Mains


I chatted with editor, author and film commentator, Johnny Mains about his debut novel, A DISTASTEFUL HORROR STORY, his recent anthology of female writers of ghost stories, A SUGGESTION OF GHOSTS and his 'Hidden Horror', the film KONGO (1932).


Johnny talked about creating his own anthologies as a teenager by cutting stories from books and taping them together; the next two volumes of ghost stories by female writers, including those written in WW1; his short story which Uri Geller really liked; his experiences in jail on remand which served as research for A DISTASTEFUL HORROR STORY; the UK horror scene; the film KONGO and the racism, terrible ending, how every scene is full of sweat and filth which led to a discussion of nationalism vs patriotism and we spoke about much more.

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