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Chattering with Keith Robson

Graphic for Chattering with Keith Robson. Keith is a man in his thirties with striking blue eyes wearing a baseball cap. To the right of his photo is a still of the creature from his film Creek. To the right of that is a young woman in a bloodied t-shirt, behind who is an older man wearing a cowboy hat. Below them is the word 'Feast'. At the left of the image is. Korean man wearing a bloodied white shirt, standing in a train looking at the camera, above the film title 'Train to Busan'. To the right of him is a still from the film Creek showing two young women with the creature from Creek behind them. The appear unaware of his presence.

Chattering with Keith Robson


Please join me when I chat with Keith Robson - The Owlman (Lord of Tears & The Black Gloves) about his short film CREEK (91% funded on Kickstarter) and his Hidden Horrors: Feast (2005) and Train to Busan (2016).


Keith has worked both in front of and behind the camera on several feature films undertaking a variety of roles; including acting and creature suit performance as indie horror icon The Owlman (Lord of Tears/ The Black Gloves) and the Raven Warriors (The Unkindness of Ravens). Keith is without question a perfectionist and as a budding practical effects artist, he has devoted his free time in recent years to learning the necessary skills in fabricating highly detailed practical effects and movie props.


You can watch and post questions on YouTube



    Two innocent girls unwittingly disturb an ancient and sinister entity, lurking in the desolate marshlands of Scotland.  

    What ensues, is a frantic battle for survival..


Find out more about Creek at:



Creek Facebook page


Vimeo Teaser Trailer


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SPOILER ALERT, we give away plot points for all movies discussed.


The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.

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