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Chattering with Lee Howard

Graphic for Chattering with Lee Howard, showing Lee and posters for Nightmare on Elm Street 2, Session 9 and an example of a Quiet Room Bear

Chattering with Lee Howard


I chatted with artist Lee Howard about his art; the Quiet Room Bears which he's been creating for 16 years and how the film SESSION 9 (2001); buying naked Barbie dolls to make them; the film which made him a horror fan, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET 2 (1985) and connecting with its star Mark Patton; the 'half portraits he's known for; why he uses acrylics rather than oils; the fine line between creativity and madness and more.


Lee is a self taught artist who lives outside of Toronto, Canada. He is primarily a portrait artist specializing in horror and pop culture art, and has worked with horror icons Mark Patton (Nightmare on Elm Street 2) and Adam Green (Hatchet series) on projects and more! As well as painting, Lee is the creator of the Quiet Room Bears - one of a kind, individually numbered horror art teddy bears, which began in 2001. He lives with his girlfriend, cosplayer and clothing designer Violet Love, along with their 4 cats, which he is allergic to, but loves anyway.


Find out more at:

   Instagram - @LeeHoward_Art and @QuietRoomBears

Quiet Room Bears – Etsy shop.

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