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Chattering with Mick Strawn

Graphic for Chattering with Mick Strawn showing posters for Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and 4, and Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four

Chattering with Mick Strawn


Mick Strawn and I discussed, amongst many other things: his experiences of working on Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and 4; Roger Corman's production of Marvel's Fantastic Four; creating the effect of a truck crashing into 'nothing' and the lead actress being sucked into the screen in a movie theater in NOES4; why turning a film camera upside down means the film screens in reverse; the unpleasantness of working on Blade and his role on Candyman and just why he watched a couple copulate for 16 hours.


Check out the Dream Warrior Review podcast.


For information on Mick's book and appearances, send him a friend request on Facebook.


Mick has worked as production designer, in the art department or special effects on many movies and TV shows including Boogie Nights, Candyman, Blade, Leatherface: Chainsaw Massacre III, Freddy's NIghtmares and Tales from the Darkside.


He's currently writing a book on Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and co-presents the daily podcast Dream Warrior Review with Kurt Thomas where they review horror and sci-fi movies and Mick tells stories of the films he worked on.

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