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Chattering with Stephen Cognetti

Graphic with photo of Stephen Cognetti, poster for Hell House LLC and stills from the film.

Chattering with Stephen Cognetti


I chatted with Stephen Cognetti about his feature film, 'Hell House LLC'.


We talked about the inspiration for the film; the advantages and disadvantages of doing a 'found footage' film; why he likes subtle, creepy scares, rather than jump scares; how they got the fire department involved; filming in a haunted house attraction; was he inspired by nightmares; filming in 10 days and he shared some stills from the film's sequel.


The film is available on Amazon, iTunes and Shudder.


You can purchase the Director's Cut on DVD here.


For updates on the sequel The Abadon Hotel: Hell House 2, like the Facebook page.


Five years after an unexplained malfunction at a popular Halloween haunted attraction causes the death of fifteen tour-goers and staff, a documentary team goes back to the scene of the tragedy for answers to what really happened that night.


Stephen Cognetti studied filmmaking at Temple University in Philadelphia. In 2014 he went into production on his first feature film Hell House, LLC, which was released on VOD worldwide in 2017. He is now working on the sequel to Hell House LLC titled the Abaddon Hotel as well other horror features.

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