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Followers of the Pandorics

Followers of the Pandorics


The Daemones Dilgunt Angeli is a Pandoric designed by Eric Gross as a companion piece to my  back story written for the Chatterer, Prayers of Desire published in Hellraiser: Anthology - Volume 2. This design had it's influences in the story Dante's Inferno, Albrecht Dürer, and Paul Gustave Louis Christophe Doré. On the sides of the design are the Titans found in Dante that surround the lower rings. The top design was inspired by Doré's Paradiso where the Angels fly out of heaven opposed by Demons flying up from the rings of Hell. There are hundreds of subtle references to the ages of humanity, the eternal struggle, the grand design and balance.

Watch a video which shows the details of the design on YouTube.

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