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Hellbound Heart Audio Play

Graphic showing female coenobite holding a Lament Configuration puzzle box.

Hellbound Heart Audio Play


Dramatised by Paul Kane and directed by Simon Barnard for Bafflegab Productions. Stars Alice Lowe (Prevenge, Sightseers) as Kirsty, Tom Meeten (The Ghoul) as Frank/Rory, and Neve McIntosh (Doctor Who) as Julia.

This is an adaptation of the novella The Hellbound Heart that inspired the film Hellraiser, in which Kirsty is Rory's (Larry) colleague at work, rather than his daughter.

I have a couple of cameos, playing 'The Businessman' and Cenobite 4 - which fulfilled a long held ambition. Firstly to play one of Julia's victims (performances in the film I deeply admire) and secondly a Cenobite with lines.

The full play is released on 27th April as either a digital download or CD + download.

There's a sample of the play on the Bafflegab website here.

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