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Poster for Clive Barker's Hellraiser showing Doug Bradley as Pinhead offering a puzzle box.



For me, the film that started it all.

I'd know Clive Barker for around 3 years when he invited me to be a Cenobite, stating: "There's some makeup involved."

The character is titled Chattering Cenobite, though in the last couple of years people have started referring to him as Chatterbox.

The still from the film above shows Chatterer in his 'cell' in hell. Never seen in the movie were a couple of severed heads on a table in front of him, along with a sickle again not seen, but which was included in the Screamin and NECA articulated figures.

There are lots of interviews on the web if you want to hear the stories about making the film.  If you can get hold of a copy of the DVD or book of Leviathan from Cult Screenings in the UK, I recommend that as the most complete set of interviews with cast and crew - though you'll probably have to search eBay as they're sold out on the website.

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