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Other People's Darkness

Cover for Other People's Darkness

Other People's Darkness


My second collection of short stories is available from your local amazon site as a paperback or on Kindle.

"Love, relationships, passion and jealousy all intertwine their way through this collection to produce a tapestry of terror that will shock you, bring you to tears and linger in your subconscious for days." -

"Laced with uneasy comedy, each tale shows us that our monsters within are perhaps to be feared as much as any that may or may not be lurking out there in the darkness, and that every action we take has its consequences." - Starburst Magazine

"Other People's Darkness' is a collection of short stories very much in the vein of 'The Books of Blood' by Clive Barker, or even some of the earlier short-story work of Stephen King. The stories move from touching to ghastly, and all the while have a sort of whimsical moral reverence that serves them well." -


"This collection of intelligent and frightful stories will leave you sleeping with the lights on, questioning all your motives, and not pissing off love struck fools" -

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