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Spook Screen

Image shows text: Spook Screen, Meg Foster, Nicholas Vince, Madeline Smith above their portraits. Meg Foster, woman with piercing blue eyes, Nicholas Vince; bald man with short white pointed beard, known as a goatee; Madeline Smith, composite portrait including image of young woman in tight white t-shirt.

Spook Screen

in person

I'll be introducing a screening of Hellraiser, in Clonakilty, Ireland as part of Spook Screen, at Clonakilty Park Cinema at 7:30pm, Saturday September 8th. 

There are some new independent films screening during the festival and Meg Foster will be introducing They Live on Sunday 9th, plus Madeline Smith will be introducing a Hammer film on Friday 7th.

The festival runs from Thursday 6th to Sunday 9th September.

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