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The Offer

Poster for The Offer featuring members of the cast and playing cards showing 7 deadly sins.

The Offer


Cult Screenings, who created the Leviathan documentary on the filming of Hellraiser and Hellbound, invited 5 of the original cast, including myself, to play parts in this gorefest - the first of a series of short films under Dark Ditties Presents.


The Offer features Kenneth Cranham (Dr Channard in Hellbound), Oliver Smith (Frank the Monster in Hellraiser and Hellbound), Barbie Wilde (Female Cenobite in Hellbound) and Simon Bamford (Butterball in Hellraiser and Hellbound). 


The Offer won Best Screenplay at the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2017.


“Fantastically brutal” - Bloodguts UK

“A wicked mystery, thriller, horror” - OnAHorrorBinge

“A fascinating mix of psychological horror and slasher” - The Slaughtered Bird

“Dark, funny and very twisted” - Bloody Flicks

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