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Chattering with Stewart Sparke and Paul Butler

Chattering with Stewart Sparke and Paul Butler


Please join me when I chat with Stewart Sparke and Paul Butler, the director and writer of the film BOOK OF MONSTERS, which premieres at Arrow Video FrightFest, London, on 25th August. We'll also discuss their hidden horrors, THE MUMMY (1999) and EVENT HORIZON (1997).


You can watch and post questions on YouTube


BOOK OF MONSTERS Sophie's 18th birthday party becomes a bloodbath when six terrifying monsters descend upon her house, intent on devouring the party guests and killing anyone who tries to leave. As her school friends are torn apart and eaten, Sophie must rally a band of misfits and take up arms to send their party crashers back to hell.


Prior to making feature films, Paul & Stewart have had success with short films. CONTAINMENT was shortlisted for the Horror Channel's 2014 Shortcuts to Hell 2 competition and was included in the UK Horror Anthology Feature film. Later that year, their First World War short film LOSS AND LEGACY earned a ROYAL TELEVISION SOCIETY award nomination.


THE CREATURE BELOW was the production company's first feature film which premiered at FRIGHTFEST London in 2016 and has since secured distribution deals at CANNES and AFM in ten territories, and is available on DVD, BLU-RAY & VOD around the world. 


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SPOILER ALERT, we give away plot points for all movies discussed.


The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.

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