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DVD cover for Hollower from Mycho Entertainment, shows Nicholas Vince standing behind Adam Dillon.



"Nathan is an agoraphobic, living alone and keeping to himself. Until he meets his neighbour Izzy and something awakens. Something that is pure evil."

This was my first lead in a feature film, which in the way of indie film making was shot in a day in a real police interview room.

"‘Hollower’ is not your typical horror film. In a way, this film is more of a taut psychological thriller than the average categorized genre film. In my opinion, ‘Hollower’ is extremely reminiscent of Adam Green’s powerhouse film ‘Spiral’. A downward fallout of one man’s struggle with his own inner demons. Mind boggling and severely intense, this film will leave you inquisitive until the last drop." morbidly

Hollower is available as VOD and DVD from Mycho Entertainment.

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