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Poster for Nightbreed featuring monsters from the film entwined in flames.



My third Clive Barker film was a very different experience to the other two.

I had lines, five hours of makeup to apply Kinski's crescent moon head and I had to dye my chest hair black. A process which included a loin cloth made from cling film and explaining to my neighbour why I couldn't fully open the door when she called round.

Although it took 5 hours to apply the makeup, which meant being picked up at 3am to be in the chair at 4am, at least I was sitting in the chair for that time. The 2 guys applying it were on their feet all that time and they had to wait to clean it off me, whilst they were also painting the pieces to apply other makeups. So, I had the better part of the deal I think.

I also played the white Berserker, 'Ghost'. That was an extremely thick costume made out of foam rubber and I remember wearing a vest, socks and underwear - which had to be wrung into a bucket when the costume came off. And I couldn't see out of the mask as it had glowing eyes which were small lights. Some things were just like playing Chatterer - though I didn't do many scenes as Ghost as whenever you see either Kinski or Ghost on  screen with flames and explosions, then it's a stunt guy playing them.

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