Ben Meares and I discuss the Hellraiser: Anthology - Volume 1, the first truly uncensored Hellraiser graphic novel.

Please join me as I chat with Andy Edwards and Elisar Cabrera, director and producer of the horror comedy, ‘Ibiza Undead’, which is released on DVD in the UK on...

Please join me as I chat with Chris Nials, founder of The London Horror Society, which exists to promote indie horror.

Please join me when I chat with film maker Scott Lyus as we discuss making short films and how to get them seen.

Catriona MacColl is the star of ‘Lady Oscar’ and three films directed by Lucio Fulci, 'The Beyond', 'City of the Living Dead' and 'House by...

Jen and Sylvia Soska directors of ‘Dead Hooker in a Trunk’, ‘American Mary’ and hosts of 'Hellvator' are joined by exorcist R. H. Stavis.

Cengiz, a former professional kickboxing champion discusses his work as an actor on 'By Any Name', 'Retribution' and TV series 'Knightfall&#...

Anthony & Claire Bueno, creators of Ghostbusters documentary, ‘Cleanin' Up the Town’, discuss the project and meeting Harold Ramis.

Paul and I discussed some of the stories behind his documentary on American Werewolf in London,  BEWARE THE MOON, and how he was able to include more stories ab...

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