Ben Meares and I discuss the Hellraiser: Anthology - Volume 1, the first truly uncensored Hellraiser graphic novel.

I discussed with Lawrie Brewster (Director) and Sarah Daly (Screenwriter) of Hex Media their latest film to hit Kicstarter, ‘The Black Gloves’

I chatted with Bryan Moore about the success of his Kickstarter campaign for a Duo Chrome DVD of his film 'Cool Air', originally shot in 1999 on 16mm fi...

Andy Edwards (writer and director) and Elisar Cabrera (producer) discuss the movie Ibiza Undead and why you might not want to be a film director.

Simon Graham (project co-ordinator), Richard McEvoy Cropmpton (sculptor) discussed: the origins of the Monster Charity Project.

Chris Regan and Cheryl Burniston discuss creating and working on the 'post truth' blog and YouTube channel, 'Paz vs Stuff.

James Moran and Cat Davies discuss their Kickstarter for short film ‘Blood Shed’ -  a 10 minute horror comedy about man eating shed.

Chris Regan & Cheryl Burniston from ‘PAZ vs Stuff’, from controversial blog, Twitter and YouTube recently revealed to be ‘post truth'.

Paul and I discussed some of the stories behind his documentary on American Werewolf in London,  BEWARE THE MOON.

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