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UVHFF 2016 London Horror Society Award

collage of london horror society award

Last night, I was deeply honoured to receive an award from the London Horror Society at the Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival. It was awarded in recognition of "Outstanding Contribution to UK Independent Horror".

Receiving the award was a bit of a challenge as the ceremony started half an hour after my Chattering with Paul Davis show was due to end, literally on the other side of London. Thanks to an excellent cab driver (and as we learned during our journey, horror fan) we reached the Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar, Highbury with time enough for me to walk upstairs, take off my coat sit for a moment and then step on stage to receive the award. So, my carefully prepared speech was completely forgotten as I left my phone in my coat. D'oh!

Here's who I intend to thank.

"Firstly, thanks to Clive Barker - who offered me the role of Chatterer Cenobite with the words, "There's some makeup involved." To the guests on 73 episodes of Chattering with Nicholas Vince, particularly my fellow Cenobites and Jen and Sylvia Soska and of course, the Chatterites! Katy Danbury for inviting me to be the patron of the London Horror Festival. The cast and crew of The Night Whispered and casts and crews of the films written and directed by Mike Dixon, Katie Bonham, Mark Logan, Andy Stewart and Paddy Murphy. Chris Nials of the London Horror Society and James Wren of Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival for this award. And very importantly, all those who've liked, shared and tweeted posts and signed up to the newsletter."

Frankly, I'm still a bit stunned that I've been honoured like this and looking at the award on the shelf makes me ridiculously happy.


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