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Chattering with Cengiz Dervis

You can watch on YouTube

Cengiz Dervis is a former professional kickboxing champion and martial arts master turned actor. Early 2017 releases see him playing leads in feature ‘ Retribution’ and 'By Any Name’ - a script adapted from the best selling book by Katherine John. Recently, he joined the cast of the epic new US TV series 'Knightfall’ for Jeremy Renner and the History Channel.

He discussed; why he trained in martial arts from a young age, tips for self taped auditions and representing your ‘brand’ as an actor, 16 weeks preparation and getting to 7% body fat for filming ‘By Any Name’, why he started producing films and his responsibility as an actor to give 100% when performing.



Chattering with Nicholas Vince podcast theme by Patrick E. Fagan.

Recorded: December 6, 2016

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