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Chattering with Barbie Wilde

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Barbie Wilde is known for her portrayal of the Female Cenobite in 'Clive Barker's Hellbound: Hellraiser II' and as a writer was described by Fangoria as, "One of the finest purveyors of erotically charged horror fiction around." Here she discusses how she came to writing horror fiction through the encouragement of author Paul Kane, a recent meeting with writer Ramsey Campbell, acting vs writing, childhood fears, collaboration on projects, her admiration for Patricia Highsmith and Colin Wilson, finding endings when writing, and her collection of short stories 'Voices of the Damned' from which she reads extracts.


The front cover and illustrations mentioned in the podcast can be seen in the original YouTube video.

Chattering with Nicholas Vince podcast theme by Patrick E. Fagan.

Recorded: September 6, 2015


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