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Chattering about Fright Night Documentary

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Gary Smart and Chris Griffiths worked on 'the phenomenally popular 'Leviathan: The Hellraiser documentary' which influenced Tom Holland the writer and director of 'Fright Night' to support their documentary on the first two films, 'You're So Cool Brewster'.

They discuss; why this project grew from a short project on the first film to 6 hours of material including 33 interviews, how murder effected the distribution of Fright Night 2, interviewing Chris Sarandon, their favourite scenes from the first film, how Simon Bamford came to play Roddy McDowall playing Peter Vincent with makeup taken from McDowall’s life cast and much more.


Chattering with Nicholas Vince podcast theme by Patrick E. Fagan.

Recorded: January 24, 2016


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