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Chattering with Lawrie Brewster & Sarah Daly

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I discussed with Lawrie Brewster (Director) and Sarah Daly (Screenwriter) of Hex Media their latest film to hit Kicstarter, ‘The Black Gloves’, which stars Macarena Gomez of Stuart Gordon's ‘Dagon'. Some of the topics we covered are: what’s changed since their last Kickstarter; why viral videos don’t necessarily translate to Kickstarter pledges; the interesting dialogues they have via KS; growing an audience via their newsletter the Hexan Grimoire; how they as distributors can produce 3 disc editions for their independent films; why a B&W film still requires colour grading and their anthology project for emerging film makers, ‘For We Are Many’.

The Black Gloves Kickstarter


Recorded: May 14, 2017

Chattering with Nicholas Vince podcast theme by Patrick E. Fagan.

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