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Chattering with Phillip Escott and Craig Newman

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Chat with, Phillip Escott and Craig Newman, the writers and directors of 'Cruel Summer' which premiered at Horror Channel FrightFest 2016. We talked about short film making, the move to features, the inspiration for the film, avoiding an 18 certificate and the challenges of distribution for an indie film.

The film released onto DVD, 6th February 2017

Award-winning writer & director, Phillip started as a camera operator before co-founding 441 Films. A keen fan of cult cinema, he helps to produce numerous extra features for boutique distribution labels.

Musician-turned-filmmaker, Craig has been a lifelong film fan and helped co-found 441 Films in 2011. His first short film, the controversial Abomination, was well received and helped cement his transition from music to film.

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Recorded: August 14, 2016

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