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Chattering with Joe Becker

Image shows middle aged man with very short hair sitting and leaning on the body of a guitar which rests on his lap. To his left is black and white book cover of a house with red writing stating True Haunting by Edwin F. Becker. To the right is the poster for "Night of the Living Bread', which shows the title and loaves of bread with faces superimposed on them.

Chattering with Joe Becker


Joe and I discussed how he started playing guitar at age 4 and early appearances nationally syndicated radio; playing both guitar and piano on his tracks and his preference for working without a band; the use of his songs in films; his composer heroes; his album Monster; the real life haunting of his Uncle Ed’s home which led to the first televised exorcism in the US on NBC; the loving spoof, Night of the Living Bread (1990), and why he has so many guitars tuned to different keys in his home, and much more.


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Tickets for the London Horror Festival, of which I’m the Patron, can be bought here.

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