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Chattering with Jonas Wolcher

Graphic for Chattering with Jonas Wolcher.

Chattering with Jonas Wolcher


Please join me when I chat with the Swedish cult movie maker, Jonas Wolcher when we discuss his Hidden Horror, 'Exorcist III' plus two of his films 'Cannibal Fog' and 'Die Zombiejäger'.


You can watch and post questions on YouTube at


Jonas went to Gothenburg University to study Film Theory. After a year he left as he wanted to make films, instead of becoming a film critic . He started his film career in 1999 on a Swedish version of Blair Witch Project "Yvonne", but it failed because the guy who owned the camera and the editing software moved to the UK. Since then he's worked in many roles in independent films: Producer, Editor, Director, Writer, Art department, Makeup Department, Visual effects, Sound department, Cinematographer and more. He is well known for his zero budget approach to marketing films.


Learn more about Jonas at


The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.

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