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Chattering with Chris Nials

Photo of Chris Nials with London Horror Society logo

Please join me as I chat with Chris Nials, founder of The London Horror Society.

Chris fell in love with horror as a kid through peer pressure, when he and a group of friends secured a copy of John Carpenter's Halloween. The buzz of watching something he knew he probably shouldn’t stuck with him, and he's been chasing that dragon ever since through watching, promoting and producing various projects.

Chris is a keen advocate of independent horror, and is constantly astounded by the ability of film makers who create wonderful films for next to nothing -- or sometimes with considerable personal investment -- just for the sheer love of the genre. He truly believes that the UK is brimming with unrecognised and underappreciated talent, and he set up the London Horror Society in order to try to give these folk a platform to shout about their work, and help spread the love.

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The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.

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