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Chattering about Paz vs Stuff

Please join me as I chat with Chris Regan and Cheryl Burniston from ‘PAZ vs Stuff’, the controversial blog, Twitter and YouTube channels which were recently revealed to be ‘post truth’.

You can watch, post questions and join us live on YouTube

Paz vs. Stuff is an interactive transmedia horror story about an aspiring YouTube star whose content is derailed when her biggest fan becomes her biggest troll. As the cyberstalking intensifies Paz begins to suspect that there is more to her antagonist than a few mean remarks on Twitter and she soon unravels a mystery that leads her into the dark heart of the internet.

Creator Chris Regan and his team have been performing as Paz online since 2014, creating a real world back-story with genuine interactions that can be tracked via her Twitter, Blogger and YouTube feeds. The ongoing story is also told in real time providing audiences with a unique opportunity to interact with its main character as the narrative unfolds.

Chris Regan wrote the UK action movie Ten Dead Men, narrated by Doug Bradley and released worldwide in 2009. He has since worked on a number of UK features including the upcoming London Heist starring Craig Fairbrass. As a director he made a series of ambitious horror/comedy short films following the adventures of an incompetent witch called Jenny Ringo. His current project is the transmedia horror series Paz vs. Stuff.

Cheryl Burniston played lead character Cleo in the BFI-funded action-comedy short 7.2, a role which made the most of her extensive martial arts training. 7.2 premiered at the London Film Festival and was selected as one of Vimeo's coveted Staff Picks when it was released online. She also starred alongside Cengiz Dervis in the twisted action short, Salvation. Cheryl plays the title role in Paz vs Stuff and also starred in an episode of horror web series Urban Legends.

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The show starts at 7pm London, 11am Los Angeles and 2pm in New York.

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